Marketing your business can be challenging. Who are you customers? Where are they? How do you reach them? Who is the competition? What do they do to attract customers?

When marketing your company, there are so many things to consider and so many variables to ponder that it can seem overwhelming.

But before you decide how, when and where you are going to market yourself, what are you saying to your customers that will lead them to you in the first place?

Before answering that, answer this question:

What is the single most important thing about your product or service that makes it unique?

There are two caveats to giving with the right answer…

First, you can’t say, “My company has the highest quality,” “my company has the lowest prices,” “my company offers the best service.” Why? Because it’s not unique! Anyone can make those types of claims, and it doesn’t help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace!

The second caveat must be that your answer must come in a single sentence. If it takes a paragraph to explain your uniqueness, culling a simple marketing message from it will be tough.

You may have the best quality, lowest prices or the best service, but dig deeper! Why do you have the best quality? What makes you a great value? How is your service any better than anyone else’s? Again, what is the single most important thing about your product or services that makes it unique?

Suddenly this relatively simple question doesn’t seem so simple to answer! But when you do finally arrive at the right answer, it can become the nucleus for everything you do from a marketing perspective.

Answering this question is just the first step in developing a sound marketing strategy. You will also want to define what your marketing objectives are: to inform; call a particular customer to act; reduce inventory; generate more sales, etc. You’ll want to define your audience, and you will need to decide how to meet them where they are in their lives.

It’s all connected, but when simple marketing strategy steps are followed, your marketing results will be much greater.

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